Great Outdoor Wedding Ideas and Tips For an Unforgettable Backyard Wedding

For a more personal, intimate and relaxed outdoor wedding, you can always consider hosting it in your own backyard. Sure, hosting such a big and important event yourself creates a few more tasks for you, but with our help, planning ahead and of course, the help of your family and wedding party you can create a breathtaking and unforgettable wedding in your own or your family’s backyard.

When considering hosting your own event, you may start to feel a tad overwhelmed by all the details to be taken under consideration. Don’t panic, everything is quite manageable when done in a timely and organized manner. If you need additional help, seek out a wedding planner to take care of the big details so that you can focus your creativity and energy on the DIY smaller aspects and preparing your home for the event.

If you want to have a rather large wedding, be sure that your backyard will allow enough space for all your guests as well as your hired help without scrambling and tripping over each other. You want to ensure comfort and a relaxed, open feeling so that everyone can enjoy all the events of the day. You should also consider the space for a smaller wedding size. If your backyard is really large you can afford to spread things out a bit and incorporate some fun activities and games for your guests’ entertainment.

Of course, you will still need two staging areas if you are having both the ceremony and reception in your backyard. You can separate the two as distinct areas or even combine them by having your tables set up so that your guests may be seated right away and have a little gazebo or altar they would all face for your ceremony. If you have a gazebo, you can also use it as a dance floor for the reception.

You will want to make sure that you have enough space around for pictures and mingling during your cocktail hour as well.

Of course, space is also needed for the caterer in the kitchen; a preparation area for the bride and bridesmaids as well as the groom and his party; an indoor or rented tent space for bad weather conditions; a bar area; a place for your hired help to sit down and have some food as well. Make sure that you have enough toilet facilities for all invited guests – rent additional ones if necessary. You also want to consider how many of your guests will want to stay overnight and whether you have enough guest rooms for them or block a set of rooms with a discounted rate at a nearby hotel.

Consider all the rentals such as the tents, tables, chairs, linens, utensils and plates, lighting, audio and video equipment, flooring, dance floor area, games and so on. You will need to make sure the band or DJ that you hire will have all the necessary equipment and set up and designate a space for them as well.

As with any other outdoor wedding location, make sure you are well prepared for natures unpredictability. You can and should plan accordingly for the season and time of day you are having your event in, but you should always be prepared with plan B. Have umbrellas, water, heaters or fans, bug spray and sun screen for all your guests. You can always try to incorporate those as favors.

Depending on which family will be hosting the event, be sure to involve everyone as necessary in paying for the festivities. It is very important to keep everything as even as possible and not to create any unnecessary tension between the two families. Remember that they are all there for the two of you and the whole point is to have a happy day and life together!

Again, no matter what, make sure that your backyard wedding event will be amazing but don’t let it take over your relationships with your partner, family and friends. Distribute the workload evenly and have someone be in charge of keeping track. Your main concern is joining yours and your partners lives together in a happy, fulfilling matrimony and a celebration with both families to follow. Take time to reconnect and fall in love again. Remind each other that you are in for the whole marriage, not just the wedding. Of course, we all want to have the perfect day to commemorate the celebration of your love!

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