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Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds as Engagement Rings The most common choices for precious gemstones as an engagement ring are sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Here is the outlined information of each gemstone. Sapphires are mineral stones called corundum, which is the crystalline form of aluminum oxide, and which comes in a variety of gemstone colors, such as blue (a common choice color), pink, yellow, green, purple. For red corundum minerals, they are no longer identified as sapphires, but rubies. Sapphires are rarer than diamonds and its value depends on the 4C’s – cut, clarity, color and carat, such that the cut will depend on the jeweler’s creative design, while the clarity of the stone, color and carat value will depend on the source location of where the sapphire stone was mined, with blue and pink as high valued gemstones.
5 Uses For Jewelry
With a Corundum composition structure that measures a scale of 9 on a Moh’s hardness scale, sapphires are among the hardest gemstones next to diamonds, and for this reason, it can be considered as a durable which can be used as gemstone rings.
5 Uses For Jewelry
Sapphire stones are highly valued not just for its rarity, but also because of its historical association to royalty and its symbol of sincerity and faithfulness, such that King Solomon’s seal was believed to be made from sapphire, Prince William of England proposed to Kate Middleton with his mother’s iconic sapphire engagement ring, and 45th wedding anniversaries use sapphire as its symbolic ring celebration. With the same Corundum composition, like that of sapphires, except that it comes in a red form, which is due to the presence of chromium, being an impurity in the stone, but considered a rarity, rubies are highly valuable gemstones. The value of rubies is that they are extremely rare gemstones, in fact much rarer than diamonds, and that’s why they are classified as highly valued gemstones, especially those mined from Burma. Just like the sapphire stones, rubues are among the hardest gemstones attaining a scale of 9 in the Moh’s hardness scale. Formed from a mineral called beryl, which is also the same mineral component in such gemstones as aquamarine, helidor, and morganite, are emerald gemstones. The chromium impurity in emeralds results into a grass green color, which makes the emeralds as very rare and highly valuable gemstones. Depending on the color range of their green coloring, emeralds vary in their degree of value, , such that the intense grass green color is most desirable and, therefore, highly valuable compared to the pale green color, and, at the same time, their rarity, due to their uncommon presence in gem mines, makes them rarer than diamonds. Because they are reasonably durable based on the Moh’s scale, in which they have a scale of 8, emeralds are vulnerable to heat damage and extreme changes in temperature, which can cause them to break.

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